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  • Special Action Manikins

Bespoke Stunt Dummies For Film & TV

S.A.M. - Special Action Manikins provide bespoke manikins to the TV & Film industry offering a new suit of services linking frame capture from live action to visual effects.  With every new production the boundaries are being pushed for ever more sensational shots our manikins can form an integral part of the cast for any high risk requirement without putting an actor or stunt performer at risk.

Our manikins come in to their own on static shots which are impossible for a human to hold for any length of time or extreme stunts that are too dangerous to use stunt actors, such as car crashes, high falls and hangings. Our manikins can provide essential frames to link elements of a sequence or give a “performance” in their own right. 

How do we do it?

We have over 45 years’ experience in stunt action and arranging at the highest level in the industry. Our bespoke and articulated manikins are built and prepared by our specialist team. These manikins are highly sophisticated in construction with over 70 internal parts to maximize the realism and flow of movement whilst being rugged enough to withstand action.

Where do we do it?

We tailor our manikins to your production at our workshop, then we hand-deliver the S.A.M. to your production site. All our services include a technician to ensure you get the most from the manikins but he is also on hand to carry out on set repairs (should they occur!) all resulting in the production getting the best possible shots! 

Used recently on Hobbs & Shaw replacing lead artists.


Special Action Manikins (S.A.M.s) provide life-like stunt manikins to the Film and TV industry, that are fully articulated, reactional and can replace your artists and stunt performers for any dangerous shots. 

Our manikins are fully flexible and weighted to react like a real body in any dangerous situation. We have 3 core options available that can be tailored to your requirement; different ethnicities, the hands can be flexed for grip and they can have animatronic heads for the perfect shot.

Developed by top Action Director and Stunt Co-ordinator Jason White, S.A.M. brings big new action to the Film and TV industry - and guarantees to double the impact of your production.


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