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Special Action Manikins specialise in providing life like
manikins to the Film and TV industry that are light weight, fully articulated and reactional - replacing artists for any dangerous shot.

The quality of our manikins is so high they can be performers in their own right. This allows you to create high impact, dramatic and dangerous scenes without putting any of your cast or stunt performers at risk. We can tailor their look so that they accurately represent your actor.

Realistic silicon heads and hands. 


Special Action Manikins (S.A.M's) replace your actor or stunt double for dangerous scenes. The lightweight manikins are fully articulated and fluid with realistic body reactions on impact.  Alternatively, limbs can be locked to hold a position. 

After discussing your requirements we select the right manikin for you from our stock range, making changes to them if required.  You can choose the look of your manikin in addition to us being able to modify our stock to meet your specific needs. We can also make adjustments to the height of the manikin.

These manikins are particularly useful to replace generic stunt artists – as done successfully on Hobbs & Shaw and Infinite.

We deliver the manikin and dress and operate it on location and we are on the scene to offer specialist advice and to facilitate any adjustments or repairs if the need arises.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly hire rates

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