These manikins are 100% bespoke with the quality being so high they can be performers in their own right. This allows you to create dramatic and dangerous scenes without putting any of your cast or stunt performers at risk.

Used recently on Matilda, Star Wars and Hobbs & Shaw - successfully replacing lead artists and changing the concept of traditional foam and wire 'stunt dummies' – Special Action Manikins are definitely not your average prop. 


Our bespoke Special Action Manikins are highly technical creations, accurately modelled on the actor they are replicating, fully pose-able with realistic body movement and self supporting spines. They can potentially include animatronics and we therefore provide an operator to operate the manikin and provide support and advise, from production planning to the very last shot.

We start by discussing your requirements and the shots you want to create.


From our workshop we configure and tailor the manikin to your requirements and provide advise on the best way to achieve your goals. We travel with the manikin and dress, operate and set the manikin into position on location, carrying out maintenance after impact shots if needed - all allowing you to focus on capturing your imagination on film in the shortest time.