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Special Action Manikins (S.A.M.) designs and makes bespoke manikins for use in Film, TV action and advertising. By creating these with self-supporting spines enables them to sit upright unsupported. Their articulated joints allow free flowing movement or they can be locked into position. The manikins come in different options with the top range having hair punched silicon heads and silicon hands, or even animatronic heads.


Jason White, our SFX Manikin and Prosthetics Designer at S.A.M. has over 45 years' experience at the highest level of stunt action and arranging in the industry and during this time he realised that there were no credible 'stunt dummies' that could realistically replace artists and stunt performers.  Jason has always been passionate about enhancing safety in the industry and this has fuelled his passion for developing and personally making Special Action Manikins.

Jason graduated from drama school and worked successfully in Theatre, Film and TV, working on productions such as 'A Bridge Too Far' and 'International Velvet'.  Jason joined the Equity Stunt Register in 1982 and progressed to 2nd Unit Action Director, Stunt Co-ordinator and Horse Master, delivering 100's of dynamic stunts, fights and action for the Film and TV industry,  During this time Jason attended the National Film School as a Documentary Director.  For more details visit

While working on the first series of Peaky Blinders as the Stunt Co-ordinator and Horse Master, Jason introduced Special Action Manikins with an action manikin replacing an artist for a hanging scene and an additional action manikin being involved in various fight scenes with Cillian Murphy and other artists. 

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