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Special Action Manikins are absolutely not dummies!


Innovatively designed and engineered, and made with over 90 components. Special Action Manikins are more than just dummies or props.

Because of this unique build, action manikins can be manipulated into life like positions – but more importantly, when impacted in any way the manikins will move and react freely, like a human. 

They are NOT to be confused with the not very life-like mannequins you see in shop window displays.


Special Action Manikins have been used to great effect in many productions. 

Z27. SOLDIER_edited.jpg
2e No dummy.jpg


The use of a manikin alleviates the safety risk
of using an artist or stunt performer in action sequence 
or scenes where any level of danger or discomfort could
be experienced.  Indeed, Special Action Manikins make the impossible possible!

Let Special Action Manikins take the risk!


From shot planning to customised and on set management:

  • We liaise with the relevant departments such as Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe Departments as well as SFX-Stunt Team prior to and during filming.

  • We deliver and handle the manikins at all times.

  • Help out maintenance on set if needed. 

  • Support in setting the manikins into position.

  • Our manikin technicians travel the world to bring expertise to your location.

Special Action Manikins are more than dummies or props and because of this the service we provide includes expert on set support based on many years of experience. 

One stop service!

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